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Privacy Policy:

Our Privacy Policy describes the information collected by our company Mia S.r.l. through our mobile applications and the use of the information. We do not collect any personal information from children with our Apps. When you download and use our mobile applications, we don’t require you to provide any information and we don’t collect any […]

Terms and Conditions:

THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS  – REGULATIONS OF USE OF MIA S.R.L. Given that 1) The mission of MIA s.r.l. (the Company or  MIA), P.I. 08045100966, with legal headquarter in Milano, Via Del Carroccio, 16, is to support Users in the development of Apps for mobile devices that MIA shall market and manage on the Stores. […]


MakeItApp Guidelines Version 1.0 MakeItApp is a Social Collaborative Network where people with different talents and experiences can meet up and create apps together. The Guidelines to do this are very simple: We expect all MakeItAppers to behave in a way that represents the values we endorse the most: truthfulness, kindness, trust. The resources offered […]