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29 Jan 2015

“I joined MakeItApp to discover a world I didn’t know and work with professionals in the field”

Here we are again with the stories of the users of MakeItApp. Interviewing them is just awesome: their stories are so various and their arrival on MakeItApp is moved by so many different motivations. Whoever has an idea for an app, but does not know how to realize it, or those who have skills they […]

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11 Dec 2014

An independent developer explains why it is better to create apps in collaboration on MakeItApp

A few weeks ago we have told you the story of Giovanni Logli, a dentist with no IT skill who is realizing his first mobile App thanks to (that’s how he called it) “MakeItApp, the factory of dreams”! After his interview, we had a chat with his teammates, to see how the experience was going. […]

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27 Nov 2014

She wanted to understand the mobile app world better. Now she has her own app on the Store!

MakeItApp is really a social network for talents, populated by users with individual and specific experiences and abilities. On MakeItApp they can show their expertise working on the projects they most like, to develop apps in collaboration. We have always been curious of their stories: what’s behind some of their experiences? Where do some passions […]

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20 Nov 2014

An Android developer who joined MakeItApp… after visiting the Silicon Valley!

This interview is dedicated to all MakeItApp users looking for developers for their projects, and to those readers who have a quality idea in mind for a mobile application, but are somewhat afraid of not being able to see it realized. Join and let your dream come true! Let me introduce you to Giovanni […]

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13 Nov 2014

Creativity, talents and passion transform MakeItApp into a “dream factory”

Here we are again with the stories of our apps! On MakeItApp talents, creatives, enterprising people, professionals, passionates of any field meet… Everyone has a very personal story, everyone works in projects where their own abilities and ideas can be put into, in complete freedom. In the end they share the results and the economic […]