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NonnaMobile: centinaia di suggerimenti della nonna, piccole ricette, trucchi per risparmiare denaro o sbrigarsela in casa.

5/5 “Splendida idea, l’app del 2014!”
5/5 “Sempre più utile in tante occasioni! E ti strappa sempre un sorriso!”
5/5 “Una app veramente preziosa. Ottimi disegni e grafica!”


NonnaMobile non si tira indietro di fronte a nulla, nulla le resiste. I bambini tornano mansueti, il brodo sciapo diventa saporito, i capelli tornano lucenti e la polvere emigra dai vicini. Questa app presenta un’irresistibile raccolta di consigli della autentica tradizione italiana, presentati con humour inglese da una burbera nonna teutonica, splendidamente illustrata dalla mano di Galeppe. Con le sue battute ciniche e la sua grafica esilarante, Nonna Mobile è un’applicazione utile e divertente che ti aiuta a cavartela in ogni situazione quotidiana.

I consigli della Nonna sono divisi in 6 categorie:

– Cucina
– Salute
– Bellezza
– Casa
– Bambini
– Pasqua

…oltre 300 consigli imperdibili!

Avvertenza: Funziona con iPhone dal 4 in poi, con iOS dal 7 in su.

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  • YayaMovil-app-ios-consejos-abue-1
  • YayaMovil-app-ios-consejos-abue-1
  • YayaMovil-app-ios-consejos-abue-1
  • YayaMovil-app-ios-consejos-abue-1

YayaMóvil: ¡los consejos más útiles de la abue más brusca y rigurosa!
¡Cienes de consejos! Pequeñas recetas, trucos y consejos para cocinar bien, ahorrar dinero, apañarse en casa, llegar a ser más hermosos y sentirse mejor.


Yaya Móvil no se rinde delante de nada, nada la va a parar. Los niños vuelven a calmarse, el caldo sin sabor vuelve a estar riquísimo, el pelo va a brillar otra vez y el polvo desaparece para siempre. Esta aplicación presenta una colección deseable de consejos de la auténtica tradición italiana, presentados con humor peculiar de una abue brusca como nadie, dibujada de forma espléndida de la mano de Galeppe.



…¡más de 250 consejos que no se deben perder!

Advertencia: requiere iOS 7.0 o posterior.

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  • GrannyMobile-iOS-App-tips-children
  • GrannyMobile-iOS-App-tips-children
  • GrannyMobile-iOS-App-tips-children

GrannyMobile: hundreds of granny’s tips, little recipes, tricks to save money or taking care of the house.


GrannyMobile doesn’t flinch for anything, nothing remains unsolved with her. Children become little angels, insipid soup becomes tasty, hair turns shiny and dust migrates to the neighbors. This App presents an irresistible collection of tips from the authentic Italian tradition, presented with the English humor of a grumpy grandmother, beautifully illustrated by the hand of Galeppe. With his cynical jokes and his hilarious design, GrannyMobile is a useful and funny App to helps you getting by in everyday situations.

Granny’s tips are divided into five categories:

– Kitchen
– Wellness
– Beauty
– Home
– Children

… Over 300 tips!

Note: The App works on iPhone from 4 onwards, with iOS 7 or up.

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The funniest Granny brings her tips to the English market!

Nonna Mobile iOS Android app consigli della nonna trucchi cucina salute bellezza

Hat and gloves on, some British-humor lessons… And the funniest Nana is ready to land in the English world. NonnaMobile, that provided tips and advice to hundreds of thousands of Italian users, becomes today GrannyMobile, to share her wisdom with the rest of the world!

GrannyMobile, with her terse approach and her infallible advice, is the ideal App to deal with every little everyday tragedies with laughter and lightness. Download the App GrannyMobile from the Apple Store and bring the funniest, most experienced and grumpiest grandma always with you!

Hat and gloves on, some British-humor lessons… And the funniest Nana is ready to land in the English world. […]

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Interview with the graphic designer of Nonna Mobile!

Nonna Mobile iOS Android app consigli della nonna trucchi cucina salute bellezza

Every week a different story, this is the idea behind our blog column “Every app has its own story“, where we tell you who some of the users of the MakeItApp platform are. How do they get to creating an app, in most cases for the first time in their life, and seeing it downloaded by thousands of users? What effects does this experience have on their lives?

Today we will talk about a very special app for the MakeItApp platform, since it was the first one to be released after the game-app Football Seasons. We are talking about Nonna Mobile, the funny grouchy Granny for your iOS or Android smartphone, who offers you more than 250 tips to solve all your little daily problems. The app is now available in Italian and Spanish… why don’t you propose the English version? :)

We asked Caterina Cottatellucci, graphic designer of the app, to tell us about this particular adventure. 22 years old, graduated in History, Caterina admits that she “didn’t know much about apps until a few months ago!”.

She also attended some graphic design courses, a field that she would like to practice professionally. It is with this very role that she decided to register on MakeItApp, to offer her experiences and put this passion of her at work into projects she believes in.

“When Elena (Project Leader of the Team) asked me to join her team I could not believe it: trust responsibility and merit, three words elsewhere forgotten, that MakeItApp gave me the chance to experience directly!”

During the development of the app, her initial enthusiasm grew more and more:

“NonnaMobile has given me this: the opportunity to work with a professional illustrator who helped me define the graphic project, with a project manager who gave me deadlines, and with a creator who really had this app at heart. Collaborating with all these professionals and getting to the realization of NonnaMobile in a simple and constructive way through MakeItApp has been a really formative and unique experience.”

Like many other young workers or people looking for a job, Caterina lives a life with irregular schedules and activities, thus she points out to us how important the flexible working model offered by MakeItApp has been for her.

“I live without a regular rhythm of activities and timetables: MakeItApp really fulfilled my schedule. I had the possibility to work on the app during my free time, keeping a high formative level and integrating my revenues. The versatility and the possibility to define together the road-map were the fundamental qualities of my team.”

In conclusion, this was a really positive experience for Caterina under all aspects. This is what she tells us:

“What better can happen to a young confused student still hanging in the balance between university and work world, than seeing a project made by her realized, sold, used and commented by real users and not just by the usual professors?”

Every week a different story, this is the idea behind our blog column “Every app has its own story“, where we tell […]

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Nonna Mobile in sconto del 50% !!


Oggi potete avere tutti i 250 consigli della nostra Nonna preferita al 50% di sconto.

Nonna Mobile è infatti disponibile su Google Play e iTunes a 0,89 euro.
Cosa aspetti? Non perderti cosa la Nonna ha da suggerirti!

Oggi potete avere tutti i 250 consigli della nostra Nonna preferita al 50% di sconto.

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