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24 Oct 2017

Happy 4th Birthday and a big announcement!


Dear Makeitappers,

Four years just passed from the birth of our platform. Four years together of a long road full of strenght, commitment, passion, some unavoidable struggle but many many successes and satisfactions.  

Together we managed to realize small and big dreams with the app born thanks to the collaboration of all of us. Football Seasons, Numix, Find my Medicine, myPlants, Remember to Drink and many more. Those apps climbed the charts of China, Italy, Uk and Russia and have been choose as App in evidence by Google and Apple on their stores first pages all over the world.

We put collaboration among talents at first place and this let us reach great results: a community of more than 15.000 users, more than 50 Apps published, 3 millions of download.

We brought our Apps to many events (Dublin Web Summit, Green City Milano, Apps Days, Codemotion Milan, Droidcon Turin and many more) and we convinced main newspapers in talking about them (Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Il Sole 24 Ore, Wired, iPhone Italia, ecc).

We believed, and we still do, in new types of collaborations, in sharing economy and in technology as a great tool for content spread.

We’ve been working with enthusiasm and the magic Mobile App world. A world that, in the last year, reached its maturity being stable and loosing its innovation and leaving space to new emerging technology: IoT, Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence and so on.

During the last few months we’ve been thinking about the App Market situation and we realized it’s time for this era to arrive to an end. The environment changed and we realized the Makeitapp era arrived to an end as as a consequence.

Four years passed and we are not sad, but proud, to announce Makeitapp is closing its community october the 31st. We say proud because we are not closing because we cannot afford it but because all good things come to an end, even the best things, and they live in great memories.


This is an open letter to say thank you, one to one, for believing in innovation technology and in this project. Without any of you all, nothing could have been possible.

So thanks, from deep heart, from the Makeitapp Team all for this four years of common work, projects and dreams.

Hoping to see you again soon.


P.S. We collected here some questions you might have. Your App Angels are available for any doubt or issue.



I have a project on Makeitapp, what will happen to the team contracts?
We closing only the community. All the contracts will continue to exist as they are now

My project has been approved and we are working on it, can we keep on doing it?
Of course, if the project have been approved, your App Angel will continue supporting your team and we’ll keep on doing all the activities that are part of the contract.

I sent a project but not received an answer yet, what is going to happen?
You will soon receive an answer to know if your project has been accepted or rejected.


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