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07 Sep 2017

Don’t be afraid of the Back to School!

Sunny beaches are far far away in memories. Whether you are a student with bad notes or a parent whose kind boss gave those 4 days of holidays, back to school is a common feeling for all us.

So, we only need to sort it out somehow and here’s MakeItApp. We don’t do sales at the beginning of the summer, that’s too easy when everyone’s happy. We do that for the back to school drama time, when you’ll find yourself in a crowded bus going to work and you are willing to play and beat some of your friend who’s still on holidays (Numix!) or when you’ll need ideas for dinner (Chef Assistant!) or when you’ll be like to read a great story with great illustrations with your children (Basileo!).

Many many apps on sale or for free for an entire week, from the 8th to the 15th of september, to be prepared and strong enough for a new season.

Games, Utility, Kids App, Medical Apps and many more for everyone!
Go to our App Store, you’ll find the App discounted by the flag SALE.

What are you waiting for?



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