gingo - game app -
23 May 2017

Gingo, the new puzzle game of relax and strategy!

Natalia’s growing up and with her also the math school program. Last time Natalia had to learn multiplication table, her dad Olive invented a game that become an app (Numix,  a story we all know). So now that we have to learn fractions, with all those cakes divided in four, Olivo invented Gingo!

gingo - game app -



But… What is Gingo? Gingo is a game that combines relax and strategy. Based on the game mode and the strategy you will adopt, Gingo will be the relax game or the challenge to the last slice with your friend to climb the chart.
A colorful tutorial will teach you all the game mode to enjoy the coloured cake at your best. You can connect slices of the same colour to form full boxex, link full boxes to collect points and make long chains of boxes, cakes or pizzas!


Will you link boxes by color or will you concentrate in fill the boxes before linking them? Which will be your strategy?


Find out Gingo now, free on App Store!



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  • Liliana

    • 2017-06-19 17:00:27

    È un gioco bellissimo

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