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24 Jan 2017

The Numix World Cup has a new champion!

The II Numix World Cup just ended and it’s been a great fight till the last sum! We have a now champion who beated WhiteBloodAda, last year champion, and it’s saifiq5498.

Saifiq got great points during the Road to World Cup but the World Cup has been a competition among each player.
The podium sees, not far from the first place, pierlu-pg and giovi2003. Great job!

Congratulation to each player of the competition!

Challenges are not finished: Weekly League are still going on, to quilify players to the next World Cup. Each week a new challenge, each monday a new rank, each time a new chance to be in the new world competition.

What are you waiting for? Get into the rank and be the new champion!

Play Numix!



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