makeitapp christmas sales
21 Dec 2016

MakeItApp’s tips to save you from Christmas!

Last year we saved you from Christmas and even this year you need to free the Grinch inside of you? Are you looking for some practical solution to jump directly to the 27th of December?
makeitapp christmas sales

Digestive in one hand and smartphone in the other, we won’t let you down!
We’ll put on sale many apps or in-app purchases and we’ll save you from this Christmas.

You’d rather catalogue the expiry dates of your medicines’ closet instead of having dinner with your relatives? Here we are, download Drugs Expiry and, thanks to the barcode scan, you’ll have the archive of your medicines.

Want to run away from last shopping days? Check how’s traffic on Italian Traffic News and run away in a place forgot by Santa.

Your little devils are running as the athletics world cup just begun and grandma is in danger trying to keep them quiet? Put them in front of the iPad and let them play Pirates, the game book in an app.

You need a minute or two (hundreds) by yourserlf? Numix World Cup is going to start and you should train hard.

No better time than -10 degrees to show your green thumb? myPlants and myVeg&Fruit are there for you. You’ll tell us how’s gone in Spring.

makeitapp christmas sales

Many more tips are on our App Store, look for the “On Sale” flag from today to the 29th of December!

Go, download and save your Christmas!


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