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14 Dec 2016

Drug Expiry is renewing!

How many times have you found yourself looking for a medicine in the overloaded closet of medicine boxes? And, at the end, when you finally find the one you where looking for, it is expired since months. So, when you end up in your bed with a bad flu, you don’t even know how to get the medicine you need.

With Drug Expiry you can say bye to the pile of expired medical drugs you have accumulated for years, because the app reminds you when they are about to expire. Plus, you’ll have under control medicines you really need.

This app is a great tool also for doctors who need to track medical drugs expiry dates of their surgery (or more surgeries) and avoid legal issues caused by keeping expired medicines.

What’s new? Finally you’ll only need the scan of the barcode to insert the medicine in the app. No more manual entry.

Drug Expiry is free on App Store, try it!




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