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30 Dec 2014

Remember to drink for Windows Phone wins over entire markets

The developer of Remember to Drink had told us about it:

I participated to RememberToDrink, an App ideated by Giovanni Logli that is intended to remind users to drink the right amount of water during the day. I had never thought about this issue, but Giovanni in the presentation of his project had made a very thorough analysis, with clear ideas and “innovative” aspects from a technical point of view, especially for the Windows Phone market. It captivated me and I decided to participate.

Basically a challenge. An idea of Giovanni Logli, born not only from a concrete need, since similar apps already existed, but rather by and accurate study of the market and of the potentials of such a project.


The result is that in only a few days Remember to Drink got more than 2000 downloads, climbing the chart of the Windows Phone health category in Italy and in Russia. 


Remember to drink app top health category windows phone


Giovanni, back in the days, had told us:

I believe that the bet is not just in the idea (which sometimes is not so original), but in the quality of realization, which is guaranteed thanks to the collaboration of different passionate Talents.

Remember to Drink, for instance, is based on an idea that other people had before me already, but with my Team we decided to develop it for Windows Phone, which I foresee will be leader on the market in two/three years. The intention is thus that of “being there” before the Store will get overloaded.


So Giovanni takes an idea he had in mind, studies the market and finds out that, for instance, Windows Phone is a growing market, and that a similar app could obtain great results in the Russian market. With these two goals in mind, Giovanni builds his Team to create the app thanks to MakeItApp: a developer, a graphic designer and three fundamental translators (English, Spanish and Russian).


Besides the courage to create the first app for Windows Phone on MakeItApp, fundamental for the success of the App were the translations in different languages. A simple job that can open up to entire markets, as it happened for various other apps.


You can download Remember to Drink here.


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