Football Seasons
10 Jul 2014

He is an illustrator and he loves football. His app has 100thousand downloads.

Every week a different story, this is the idea behind our blog column “Every app has its own story“, where we tell you who some of the users of the MakeItApp platform are. How do they get to creating an app, in most cases for the first time in their life, and seeing it downloaded by thousands of users? What effects does this experience have on their lives?


Today we had a chat with Flavio, who participated in the realization of Football Seasons, the first app born on MakeItApp. An incredible success translated in six languages, Football Seasons is the first deck-building game about football for iPhone and iPad, where users chose and coach their team, selecting the Football Players cards and improving their abilities, facing other users in different tournaments. All of this is surrounded by graphically engaging settings, and is kept alive and dynamic by internal contests for users.


Flavio Fausone is a forty years old boy (!), profession illustrator:


“I consider myself saved by computers because i can’t even draw a circle by hand! Computers gave me the possibility to realize illustrations and animations of things I got really passionate about. I also directed some cartoons, animated commercials and designed some websites.”


He thus did a lot of things, but all of them far away from the apps’ world. Or at least that’s what he thought:


“I had never worked with apps, neither I thought I would ever do. I found out during my experience with MakeItApp that it indeed is a very creative job, and it was really good fun for me. I felt very free to create, to be led by my own inspiration, and on top I had the opportunity to meet enthusiastic people. In my other working fields the relationships are often strictly commercial and professional, therefore cold and distant: in MakeItApp I found much communication and idea sharing instead.


In particular, I worked at the graphic of the app Football Seasons, together with my colleague illustrator Giuseppe who did the drawings of the characters. I did the graphic and the settings. It all began in a very natural way: the creator of the game, a friend of mine, told me about this idea of his and that he was creating it with MakeItApp, and he asked me to participate. I found the game very interesting and involving… plus I’m obsessed with sports, more watched than played, so the football setting attracted me immediately!”


Flavio says his experience with MakeItApp opened him up to a world that was until then almost unknown to him, that of apps, and that is now in constant growth.


“The experience was really positive under many points of view. Not only I had a lot of fun and I was free to create things I liked, but I also had the possibility to encounter an unknown world to me, but I realized is complementary to what we illustrators do. Even in my job now I get clients who have requests that I could not have satisfied before this experience. Alone, Giuseppe and I for example, would have found it really hard to keep pace with the mobile growth, now we have much more experience.”


Flavio can’t stop now… He is in fact working at the graphics and animations of The Running Dead, a new game coming out this autumn from MakeItApp!

Update: Football Seasons got the third place as best Italian game app iOS at AppsDay2014!


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