28 May 2014

Every App has its own story!

Today we launch a new blog column, where we will tell you the stories hidden behind the apps born on our platform. In MakeItApp every app has a team, and every team has its own story.

Through MakeItApp many people with knowledge, passions or quality contents, even without any IT experience, find in the community expert talents to share and realize their project with.


This is the case of Francesca Venir, creator of myPlants, a very successful app that helps you take care of your plants, suggesting you the right ones for your environment and reminding you when to water them and fertilize them.


Forty years old, she used to babysit for living, but always had a great desire to change, create something, and see it become real. MakeItApp was her opportunity to do it!


One night my husband Sergio, coming back from work, talked to me about a company, MakeItApp, which is basically an ‘app forge’! The thing I liked the most is that you don’t need to have any experience in IT, you only need a valid idea and the right passion!”


Looking at her terrace full of plants, she realized what she could do: why not creating an app on the management of plants, thus sharing her own big passion and great experience on the topic?


I logged into the website, I filled in the subscription form and I waited for it to be accepted. When I got a positive answer from the App Angel I was so happy!! Finally I could create an app with the help of other people! Luckily I had a fantastic team, who I really want to thank again. In particular, they helped me a lot in setting up my idea in a ‘technological’ way”.


Very enthusiastic of the experience with myPlants, Francesca is ready to put together new contents, meet other talents and create new useful Apps.


While myPlants was being created, I was already thinking about new possible apps. On the website I inserted other apps that I hope to see realized.”


Francesca’s story is a beautiful example of how it is possible to put knowledge and passions into an app, in order to share them with everyone. The good results and the success of myPlants is confirming this!

Update: myPlants won the third place among the best italian iOS Apps in 2014!


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